Did you make your car?

Not exactly. I think people ask this question because they are surprised by the unusual design and size of a micro car.  Often people think that we invented these cars out of bits and pieces found in the garage.
Although we do have to hunt to find the missing parts, we did not "create" any of our cars. There was in fact a time when these cars were produced in factories in order to meet the demand for cars that used less recources to make and were affordable.

Do you drive your car on the freeway?
How fast does it go?
Not usually, it depends on which one. I might be a risk taker, but I don’t have a death wish!  Most micro car models have a top speed of about 45 miles per hourů and that's downhill with a tail wind!  Driving micro cars is a real test in defensive driving.  Everyone should drive a micro car or a motorcycle to learn better road manners and awareness.


For example, an Isetta 300 only has thirteen horsepower and brakes on only 3 wheels- not a good candidate for a freeway driver!

On the other hand, the 2002 Smart (left) has traction control, anti-lock brakes, air bags and can travel at about 80 MPH. This car has gone to Chicago (200+ miles).

Is your car electric?

A cashier once asked me this as she made change for the $3.60 worth of gas I just put in an Isetta!
LOL, nope they run on gas.


 How many MPG does your car get?

Anywhere between 40 and 90. It depends on the load.

How many clowns will fit in your car?
Bring your family and we'll see!  LOL 
In the case of "Hello Dere" (below) the answer is three!


"I have felt beer cans that are heavier than this car."
Why do you think it's called the "Tin Snail"?

"Mister your car sounds like it is cutting grass."
Well, this one does have a lawn mower engine!

"Mom, can we get one?"
Micro cars are so simple, pure, and the perfect size for a child to feel they could even drive one!
Driving an isetta takes you back to a simpler and less complicated time.
Here we are getting ready for an ice cream cruise with the cars :c)