Smart Car 2002

I bought this car on ebay it was a glider.  No engine or transmission.  The car had been imported in 2002 by E motion to turn it into an electric car to help Mercedes meet the requirements of the upcoming California mileage requirements.  Several people told me the car would never run. 


Next I bought an engine/transmission and put it in the car.  It did not run.  Reid (my son) took over and bought a complete matching electronics system out of a wrecked car in England from a junk yard called Toxic Rides.  I installed the components, cleaned the fuel injectors and turned the key... Sha-zam the car ran!


The car has a three cylinder 600 cc European engine which is turbo charged and it gets up to 60 MPG much better than the USA version.  Features include air bags, anti lock brakes, traction control, upgraded turbo dump valve and a Gertag electronic transmission.


Swatch + Mercedes + Art = SMART